Analytical Services

AgPro connects growers and advisors with analytical laboratories, providing consistent sample submission and results which feed directly into advisor recommendations.

Analytical Laboratory Testing

AgPro provides a software platform and optional LIMS for analytical laboratories to process sample tests and release results.

Online Sample Submission

Growers and agents submit sample requests through the AgPro portal, ensuring that sample, crop and field info is complete and accurate when the sample arrives at the laboratory.

Crop Optimal Levels

AgPro has built a database of nutrient optimal levels based on decades of agronomy and laboratory experience, informing growers about the optimal nutrient balance for their specific crop.

Typical Test Suites for an AgPro laboratory

AgPro provides a platform for analytical laboratory testing including Soil, Sap, Water and Biology samples. When you submit your samples through AgPro, we automatically compare your lab test results to our calculated optimal levels for your crop, and maintain a complete history of your results for comparison or regulatory reporting.

We aim to support the specific test suites for each laboratory; with a typical suite containing the following analytes:

pHpHpHpH Total Nitrogen (DT)pH Arsenic (HM)Sodium (Total)P Environmental Risk IndicatorPlate Count (21°C) 
Electrical Conductivity (1:5)Electrical Conductivity (1:5)Electrical ConductivityElectrical ConductivityNitrate N (Dry Tissue)Electrical ConductivityBoron (Total)FructoseP Buffer Index adjusted +Plate Count (37°C) 
Ammonium Nitrogen Nitrate – NNitrate (sap)BrixPhosphate (Dry tissue)Nitrate-N (water)Cadmium (HM)GlucoseCalcium as a % of CationsTotal Coliforms 
Nitrate-N  (soil)Phosphorus (M3-ICP)Phosphate-P (sap)Nitrate-N (fruit)Potassium (Dry tissue)Phosphate-P (water)Chromium (HM)SucrosePotassium as a % of CationsThermotolerant Coliforms 
Organic Matter (OC)Potassium (M3-ICP)Potassium (sap)Phosphate-P (fruit)Calcium (Dry tissue)Potassium (water)Cobalt (HM)MaltoseMagnesium as a % of CationsE.Coli
Organic CarbonCalcium (M3-ICP)Calcium (sap)Potassium (fruit)Magnesium (Dry tissue)Calcium (water)Copper (Total)LactoseSodium as a % of CationsListeria spp.
Phosphorus (BSES)Magnesium (M3-ICP)Magnesium (sap)Calcium (fruit)Sulfate (Dry tissue)Magnesium (water)Iodine (HM)Total SugarsAluminium as a % of CationsSalmonella spp.
Phosphorus (Colwell)Sodium (M3-ICP)Zinc (sap)Magnesium (fruit)Copper (Dry tissue)Sodium (water)Lead (HM)Moisture (NIP)Calcium : Magnesium Ratio
Potassium (exchangeable)Iron (M3-ICP)Sulfate-S (sap)Sodium (fruit)Manganese (Dry tissue)Sulfate-S (water)Manganese (Total)Fat (Mojonnier extraction)Potassium : Magnesium Ratio
Calcium (exchangeable)Manganese (M3-ICP)Copper (sap)Soluble Silica (CaCl2)Iron (Dry tissue)Zinc (water)Mercury (HM)Saturated FatCO2-C Released
Magnesium (exchangeable)Zinc (M3-ICP)Manganese (sap)Chloride (fruit)Boron (Dry tissue)Copper (water)Molybdenum (Total)Protein (N x 6.25)Solvita Respiration Test
Sodium (exchangeable)Copper (M3-ICP)Iron (sap)Boron (fruit)Zinc (Dry tissue)Manganese (water)Nickel (HM)Ash (g/100g)Cation Exchange Capacity
Sulfate – SBoron (sap)Iron (fruit)Sodium (Dry tissue)Iron (water)Phosphorus (Total)CarbohydratesBulk Density
Chloride QUICKSOILBrix (sap)Manganese (fruit)Chloride  (Dry tissue)Boron (water)Silver (HM)Energy (kj)Wettability
Zinc (DTPA)Ammonium Nitrogen (QS)Chloride (sap)Copper (fruit)Chloride (water)Tin (HM)Mono trans fatsPermeability 
Copper (DTPA)Nitrate (QS)Sodium (sap)Zinc (fruit)HardnessZinc (Total)Mono-unsaturated fatLarge Particles
Iron (DTPA)Potassium (QS)Silicon (sap)Sulphate (fruit)Sodium Absorption RatioAntimony (HM)Omega 3 fatsWater Repellence Rating
Manganese (DTPA)Calcium (QS)Aluminium (Sap)Total Dissolved SolidsSelenium (HM)Omega 6 fatsEmmerson Aggregate Test
Boron (Hot CaCl2) Magnesium (QS)Molybdenum (Total)Total AlkalinityPoly trans fatsEmmerson Aggregate Tes
Silicon (BSES)Sodium (QS)Poly-unsaturated fatSlaking
Soluble Silica (CaCl2)Chloride (QS)Trans fatsClouding (dispersion)

Crops Supported by AgPro

AgPro has used decades of experience in agronomy and analytical laboratory testing to develop a database of key optimal levels for crop growth. While you can use AgPro to sample and manage any crop, our optimal levels are focused around the following crops:

AlmondsAppleBasilCitrus – NavelCeleryCucumberSnow peaBok choySweet potato
AvocadoAlfalfaBeetrootCitrus – ValenciaCauliflowerGingerSoyabeanCanolaPumpkin
BananaAsparagusBitter melonCitrus – EmperorCanabisPearSpinachCashewBroccolini
BlueberryApricotBlackberryCitrus – HicksonCherryPersimmonBrussell sproutChiaCarnations
CapsicumAloe veraBarleyCitrus – ImperialChinese cabbageRambutanCapsicum hydroponicChivesChrysanthemum
ChilliesAsterBeanCitrus – Murcott ChokoGherkinChick peasRoseFaba Bean
CornCucumber GreenhouseBroccoliCitrus – ClementineCabbageFigCorianderEucalyptusGerbera
CottonGrape – tableCustard appleCitrus – EllendaleCantaloupeGuavaFeijoaLilliumOrange
Grape – wineHoneydew melonEggplantCitrus – EllenorCarrotsHemp (field)GarlicLisianthusParsley
HempLemonLettuceCitrus – Taylor LeeChicoryHemp (protected)HazelnutMintPea
HopsOnionNectarineCitrus – JoppaGrapefruitKiwi fruitLonganMung beanPecan
LimePassionfruitOlivesCitrus – MandarinLeekOatsLucernePomegranatePomello
MacadamiaPeachPawpawCitrus – NovaLycheePak ChoiNavy beanRadishPotato
MaizePopcornPineappleCitrus – OrangePlumPapayaOkraRhodes grassRhubarb
MangoRaspberryPotato – FreshCitrus – PomelloPotato – CrispingParsnipPastureRocketRubarb
PeanutsRockmelonTomato indeterminateCitrus – SunburstRye grassPeach low chillPeach high chillSeed onionsSage
Sweet cornStrawberryTomato cherryCitrus – TangeloSquashPistachioRiceSilverbeetSugarbeet
Tomato processingSugarcaneTomato determinateCitrus – Full glowSugarsnap PeasSorghumShallotSwedeSunflower
WatermelonCoffeeTomato greenhouseCitrus – GrapefruitTobaccoTomatoTimothy GrassTurfTaro
WheatZucchiniTomato romaCitrus – FreemontTomato grapeWatercressWalnutWater LettuceTurmeric