AgPro Data - save, view and manage your farm and livestock data

Farm and Livestock

Farm and field mapping
Analytical lab testing results
Product and nutrient recommendations
Farm input records
Livestock IDs and growth factors


Nutrient trendlines for your fields
Livestock growth over time
Understand your field and livestock history

Comparison Reports

Compare analytical lab testing results
Compare across multiple fields
Compare across multiple sample dates

Environmental and Safety Reporting

Managing climate change, water consumption, and soil sustainability are increasingly important for agricultural producers around the world, and many states and countries are adding new regulatory requirements.

Saving your farm and livestock data in AgPro gives you a single point of reference for retrieving your farm records.

Do you have a specific regulatory requirement for a government or industry body?
Please contact AgPro and we will provide further info about fulfilling your needs.

Data Ownership and Access

Controlling access to your farm data is critical to ongoing farm management.

Your relationship with farm managers, agronomists or agents may change over time; losing access to your farm data can lead to misunderstanding of the field and growing conditions and subpar farm management decisions.

AgPro explicitly identifies the ownership of sample data upon submission (either farm owner or agent), so you can be certain that you will be able to access and share your data in the future.

Owned by Farm

If the farm owner retains data ownership, you can share or revoke access to any third-party agent at any time.

Owned by agent

If the agent pays for and submits the sample, they retain data ownership. Farm owners can view their data, but cannot share with another agent without authorisation.

Sharing data

Providing access to a third-party agent allows them to view your sample and product history, allowing for informed decision-making with your farm management.